My absolute favorite part of this year’s Oscars was Gaga stealing the show with her Sound of Music tribute.

Simply stunning and breathtaking.

And her little moment with Julie Andrews was definitely a tear-jerker.

But, mostly, I am supremely happy that a wider audience was able to see just how amazingly talented Gaga is. 

So many ignorant people have said for years that they think she is “weird” just because she is different and boundary pushing. 

Or they have said that she is “not really talented” because she sings “pop genre” music and is theatrical. 

In actuality, they just don’t understand her.

Those of us TRUE Little Monsters know that she was accepted to Juilliard at age 11, was given early admission to Tisch and studied there for years, has written countless songs for, not only herself, but for many modern musicians, is a talented pianist, held her first performance in a New York nightclub at age 14, and opened for Michael Buble singing jazz standards.

There are so many untalented and undeserving pop artists out there who don’t write their own music, use auto-tune, and do crazy things for publicity. Because Gaga’s music is classified as pop, people hear “pop” and think: talentless or corporate-manufactured. They automatically stereotype her, judge her, and lump her in with the modern drivel of the day, instead of seeing how thoughtful and creative she really is. They think her ideas and actions are attention-seeking, when they are usually calculated and meaningful.

For example, many thought the meat-dress was a stunt to get press or more fame, when really the message behind it was referring to a speech she made,The Prime Rib of America, which urged the US military not to discriminate against gay men and lesbians from serving in the army.

She is a visionary. 

She cares about art, fashion, true music, and the beauty of songwriting. 

She stands up for good causes, pushes the envelope with her concepts and outfits, makes political and cultural statements, and always encourages her fans to be nothing more and nothing less than the person they truly are. 

Her voice is incredibly beautiful, and her lyrics, thought-provoking and fun. 

I am proud to be a Gaga fan.

Hopefully, after her performance, more people come around to see her for what she really is…

One of the most iconic and talented performers of our generation.