Moonrise Kingdom deserves an Oscar…

Something that was slightly disappointing to me this Oscar award season was the sort-of snub of Moonrise Kingdom.  What could be mistaken as a kid’s movie, Wes Anderson’s takes us on a journey back to the known time of 1965, but to a seemingly magical and fictional landscape filled with beauty and mystery.  

Moonrise Kingdom has a nostalgic feel, with cinematographic features of an Instagram photo.  Now I could go on and on like Don Draper telling you how nostalgia brings up the “pain of an old wound” or tell you how every generation yearns for the time of the past generation.

But, really that’s what gets you in this film…the simple details.  It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t.  You’re not sure if you’re supposed to be in reality or a different world…and that’s OK.  Written by Anderson and Roman Coppola, it doesn’t have an extensive, confusing, Looper/Inception story line.  Whether or not someone could survive a lightning strike and shake it off doesn’t matter.  You take the film for what it is.

It is simple. Boy meets girl.

It taps into your emotions just through the style alone, reminding adults of their simpler times, making younger generations crave for a time they’ve never even lived.  It encompasses the cliche theme of love conquering all…without being cliche.  

The details are magnificent…down to the costuming and makeup, and the toys and books, recognized by my parents as exact replicas of items from their childhood.  From watching the shift in shots captured from the wide lens, to the extreme close-ups…the movie’s storyboard and shot lists were obviously carefully scrutinized and chosen to create the perfect scenes.  The script is pointed, and wonderfully funny and serious at all the right moments. 

In a word…the film is breathtakingly beautiful. (Ok, in two words…)

Yet, the “academy” only felt the writing and screenplay was worth mentioning.  Unfortunately, nothing goes to costuming, cinematography…not even the film score… 

Well, needless to say the Oscars will suck me in, as always, despite my bitter resentment. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to comment on the fashion and jokes of the evening.

But, you can guarantee I will be waiting in the wings to cheer for the Moonrise Kingdom gang to accept their “Original Screenplay” award…fingers crossed!

And you can bet that the movie, along with others like it who don’t receive the praise they deserve, will go down in the history of classic cinema…in my heart.