Japan's Nuclear Meltdown


The Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis in Japan is worsening by the second as Japan races to contain a series of leaks.

Diluted radiation is drifting into the Pacific Ocean and the radioactive plume is estimated to reach the United States' west coast and along the border of South America sometime in 2014.

"Tokyo Electric Power Company, which has been struggling to deal with a series of leaks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, said it detected a radiation level of 2,200 millisieverts near the tanks on Tuesday. That's up from a previous high of 1,800 millisieverts on Saturday.

Those levels, detected around the same tank, are strong enough to kill an unprotected person within hours."

"The announcement of the increased reading came a day after the Japanese government officially stepped into the effort to deal with the contaminated water crisis at the Fukushima plant, which was severely damaged by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan in March 2011.

The amount of radioactive water at the plant keeps growing day by day, as groundwater seeps in and the company pumps liquid around the damaged reactors to keep them cool."

"The government said Tuesday (Sept 3rd) that it would spend the equivalent of $470 million on measures that included an ambitious plan to freeze the ground surrounding the plant's stricken reactors to prevent the contamination of groundwater at the site."

Let's hope the Japanese government continue solve the leak problems, and stop radiation from polluting not only their own citizens' country, but other countries affected by its spread around the world.