I Write Like

Everyone should check out this neat website iwl.me!

You plug in a few paragraphs of your writing, whether it be "your latest blog post, journal entry, chapter of your unfinished book, etc. "…the site analyzes your work…and then tells you which famous author you write most like.

I submitted a few different pieces that I’ve written…blogs, short stories, articles, the first chapter to a novel I’m working on…and it kept coming up with the same author!




Needless to say, it’s a satisfying feeling having your style of writing compared to an author whom you have always admired.

This site may not be the most accurate or best judge in the world (it is just the Internet after all), but now that I think about the written work of this literary legend…I see a lot of similar characteristics between how I write, and that of Wallace…

I put a lot of myself (my personality and emotion) into my pieces.  Also, I tend to write how I speak…using ellipses, going off on tangents just to bring it back around again, having long-winded sections and being detail-focused.

I highly recommend trying out this site for yourself and seeing what famous author you write most like! It definitely gives you a little confidence boost and something to aspire to!

Don’t worry David. Rest In Peace…I won’t let you down.