I love this idea!

The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables campaign, started by Intermarché in France, takes imperfect-looking vegetables and fruits that are not sold in markets, selling them for 30% cheaper and turning them into healthy juices and soups. They saved 1.2 tons of produce per store from waste just in the first two days! Incredible!

France is proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover and I absolutely agree! Not every vegetable or fruit grows exactly the same. The “strange”-looking produce is just as tasty and healthy as the “societally accepted”-looking produce.

Go Intermarché and France! I wish I knew someone in the American food and farming industry to pass this along to. 

There is so much hunger all over the world and so many tons of produce tossed every year. This is a great stepping stone in the fight against food waste!