I LOVE Taylor Swift's new music video for Blank Space!!!

First of all, the video is shot inside and on the grounds of a palatial, Jay-Gatsby-esque mansion that is STUNNING!

Sweeping scenery of perfectly, manicured hedges, grandiose winding staircases, grandfather clocks in ballrooms, and towering wooden bookcases are just some of the visual treats that transport the viewer into a different world.

On top of all that, Taylor’s wardrobe is absolutely classic and TO DIE FOR! Every outfit looks like it was once draped across the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood, or Daisy Buchanan. Seriously, Tay, if you’re done with those dresses and don’t want them, I can give your my address…

Lastly, probably the best part about the video, is the character Taylor creates as a sarcastic and cheeky nod to the media and haters who constantly sensationalize her as some clingy, psycho, crazy, serial-dating, ice queen, boy-collecting, man-eater whose sole goal is to get another notch on her bed post.

Also, two, little, funny Easter eggs I noticed:

1) Taylor’s adorable and purr-fect cat, Olivia, is showcased in a couple of scenes.

2) When Taylor cuts up the guy’s clothes she does a Mean Girls number on his shirt, leaving two holes on the front of his chest. (Taylor’s response to the “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing!” comment? *coughKatyPerrycough*)

Taylor turned sticking it to the media and their perception of her into song and video GOLD!