I have to say I think Pied Piper is my new favorite Flash villain...

Not only is he smart, snarky, and sassy, but his character is complex and has a lot of layers to it.

Hartley’s not your typical, two-dimensional villain caricature, out for money and power. He’s got some serious issues, stemming not only from his parents, but from his time with Dr. Wells.

There’s no way to justify Rathaway’s wrongdoing, but you can at least understand why his character is so messed up. He’s not evil for the sake of being evil, with no redeeming qualities, like Captain Cold. Metaphorically speaking, he’s more Voldemort, less Umbridge…

You can’t help but hate him AND feel empathy for him at the same time. My favorite kind of villain.

Also, I may be a tad biased in liking Pied Piper because I love Andy Mientus…Where my SMASH fans at?!

I have a feeling there is more to his story and we will be seeing Mr. Rathaway in the future.