I can’t believe tonight is the last ever Colbert Report.

Truly the end of an era.

Stephen, I will miss your truthiness, your Lincolnish-megamerican-patriotism, your Super PAC-ing, your bids for the presidency, your invention of new words, your anger toward those godless killing machines (i.e. bears), your restoration of sanity and/or fear, your arguments with Jon Stewart over whose ice cream flavor is better, your accidentally ‘Colbert bumping’ any product or person you mention, your Better Know A Districts, your fight against Amazon books, your attempts to name Hungarian bridges after yourself, your success at having animals and International Space Stations named after you, your on-air drinking, your Tip of the Hats, and your Wag of the Fingers.

Even though The Report is over and I will terribly miss the character you’ve created, you’re a cool, funny guy and you’re going to be brilliant on ‘The Late Show.’

Keep being awesome, man.