How I Met Your Mother...The End Is Near!

This last episode though…

The vow puns.

Nobody asked you Patrice!

How Aunt Robin Met Your Mother.

Barney’s vow.

The Final Slap.

The ring bear.

Barney and Robin getting married….”And it was legendary.”

And my personal favorite:

I was already a sobbing mess this week…I’m gonna be a wreck for next week’s finale. 

Almost 9 years of slaps, pineapples, mother clues, major/general jokes, three-way belts, high-fives, intervention banners, red cowboy boots, blue-Smurf-penis-french-horns, telepathic conversations, naked man-s, bro codes, suits, yellow umbrellas, and all things Legen-waitforit-Dary…

I will truly miss this incredible show.