Have you ever really wanted to go to a concert to see a music artist perform, but feel like your experience will be ruined by fans?

There’s so many artists whose music I love and who I desperately want to see live, but I just don’t want to deal with the fangirls and fanboys. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being young and being a fangirl or fanboy. That’s just a part of life as a pre-teen/teen. 

Kids did it for the Beatles. Kids did it for NKOTB, Backstreet Boy and N’SYNC. Kids did it for Britney and Christina. Kids do it for One Direction. 

Enjoy yourself. Fan out. Have fun. Live life, kids.

But, as a 20-something, I don’t particularly want to pay for expensive concert tickets just to: 

  • Be pushed and shoved by crazed fans
  • Not hear the artist because all I hear for two hours are the blood-curdling screams of fans in my ear
  • Not see anything because the row in front of me decided to bring homemade fan signs
  • Not hear the artist because young fans are singing along (No offense, but I paid to hear the artist sing. Not you.)

I wish more popular music artists held separate concert series for the over 21 set. 

These concerts would be more reserved. You could just come in and casually and calmly sit. No pushing. There would be rules that say you would be removed if you were screaming or singing along. You wouldn’t be allowed to have fan signs that block others’ view. 

Although, you would be able to stand up and clap, dance in your seat area, or lean over and talk quietly to your friend or complete strangers about the experience. 

It would just be about coming together in a communal shared experience, meeting like-minded people, and listening to the music.

Maybe I’m just being old…