Harry Potter Class (2/4)

My Blog Post from Harry Potter Class:

Yay…The Deathly Hallows!!! I remember the excitement leading up to the Deathly Hallows when it was released.  A couple months before it came out in January, I reserved the book for pre-sale in order to pick it up at midnight the day it came out.  Then, a week before, we picked up the “orange” wristbands that allowed us to be the first in line at the bookstore.  At 10:30 we showed up to the midnight release party, as we had every year.  Me dressed in my Hermione costume that I had from the Halloween before.  The parties were always fantastic at my local bookstore. (now, this bookstore is closed, which is a horrible, dreadful shame)  You could see all your other friends.  All the workers wore costumes, and the older man who ran it for years would always dress, and look dead on Dumbledore. They sold British foods, their own version of butterbeer, Harry Potter candies like chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts every-flavor beans!  They gave away free posters, had competitions of trivia and games for prizes (the year before at the Half-Blood Prince midnight party, I won the drawing for the banner that was hanging in the store the whole week), we even had a countdown to midnight and the workers would, like they did every year, roll out the crates from the back room, and everyone would cheer!!!

Now, with myself and my brother being one of the first ones to get it, I remember telling my brother, “We are not going to have the ending spoiled for ourselves like those people who heard about Snape killing Dumbledore at their midnight party!”  So, the second I got my book, I jumped up and down, and then opened it to smell that new book smell (like I do every time I get a new book, it’s my favorite smell).  Then, having partied with people long enough and fearing spoilers we retreated to the car, me with book in hand holding my ears and yelling “LALALALA!”  I was determined not to have it spoiled.  Although, it doesn’t help that my brother is a fast, careless reader and when we got home to feverishly read, I would heard his yells of, “What?!?!” or “Oh My Gosh!!” from the other room.  I read it slowly, but still devouring the chapters as quick as I could.  Although, I am a very careful reader, if I don’t understand or remember something, rather than plow through I go back to figure it out, or stop and ponder my own thoughts for a minute.  The ending and all of the things that happened were a complete and total happy surprise for me.  I was the time of person who imagined things on their own, but was never one to read or discuss media and public speculation or pay attention to it.  I always wanted to respect JK’s writing and vision for the books, always knowing that I could never hate the ending because she, one of my favorite authors and women role models, wrote the series to begin with, so only she can finish it in the manner in which it should be finished. 

By the next night after the midnight party, I had just finished the part where Nagini killed Snape, and had only 100 pages left.  I refused to be one of those people, like I refuse to do with all books, which is flip to the end and ruins it for themselves.  I remember pausing for a moment and thinking, after I read these last pages everything will make sense and I’ll finally read the end, but once I read it, I can never un-read,…That’s It!…Finite!…The End!…no more Harry Potter, the book that was my childhood, and now that I was in high school, it was almost a loss of innocence in a way for me…the end of an era.  I started to feel a bit teary eyed, and even considered not reading the end,to let the magic continue forever.  But, my curiosity and love of literature won out, and I pressed on with tears in my eyes gobbling up the end and finally piecing together the mysteries I had pondered for so long.  The end, in my opinion, was absolute perfection.

As an avid Harry Potter fan, I have read each book cover to cover at least a couple times.  I first picked them up when I was eleven and, I don’t think I realized in that moment how significant a role they would play in my life.  It sounds silly; it’s just a book, as some people say.  To me it was more; it was my childhood.  I went to every midnight book release, saw every movie, and even went to the theme park.  When it comes down to it, I know I grew up reading the Harry Potter series, but I never realized just how much I “grew up” reading the books.  Now, I come to realize the reasons behind why I enjoy the books so much and have such a strong connection to them.  While magic is cool, that’s not the part that attracts me the most; it’s the people, the relationships, and the raw emotion.  When reading them, the themes of death/loss, love, friendship, isolation, and acceptance, which saturate the plot, also were prevalent motifs for me at the time I first was reading them.  I matured along with Harry, and many of his emotions described through the trials and tribulations in the book, mirrored how I was feeling at different points in my life. I am attached to this beloved series because the themes were ones I related to on an emotional level and I learned so much from its characters about true values in life and always doing what’s right to make ours a better world. So much of my childhood is in this series, and I feel like Harry and I really have grown up together.  It will always be a part of me.  So now that the series is over it’s really not goodbye, it’s just, for now…Mischief Managed.

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