Geeks Telling Jokes

If you work in the field of journalism, e-media technology, or social media…you have to watch this video!

Listen to these well-known media/tech experts and some of my writing idols tell incredibly awesome and geeky workplace jokes, including:

Brian Stelter, Media Reporter for The New York Times

Melena Ryzik, Culture Reporter for The New York Times

And last but definitely not least, David Carr, Media and Culture Columnist for The New York Times!

My favorites?

*An SEO expert walks into a bar…bar and grill…grill and bar…bar + grill…pub…tavern…tavern bar…brothel…sex.

*Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and a Social Media expert walk into a bar. Santa walks up, orders a mudslide. Easter Bunny walks up, orders a tequila on the rocks. Social Media Expert orders a merlot. The bar tender pours the tequila on the rocks for the Easter Bunny, pours the mudslide for Santa Claus, then he starts to walk away.  The Easter Bunny’s like “Whoa, buddy, what about our friend here?” The bartender says, “What are you talking about? What friend?” Santa Claus goes, “Our friend. Right here. Social Media Expert.” The bartender looks at them and says, “What are you guys f***in nuts? There’s no such thing as a social media expert!”