Game of Thrones: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Arya finally entered The Hall of Faces…

Ser Jorah and Tyrion hanging out together as “traveling companions” is seriously the funniest thing ever. 

Perhaps they’ll be good friends, you know, if Ser Jorah doesn’t turn to stone first…

Ser Jorah and Tyrion were captured by slavers. Tyrion convinced them to keep him alive and have Ser Jorah fight for them in the pits, rather than murdering him and sending Jorah into enslavement. 

May I just say, I love how Tyrion can get away with murder (literally) and get out of any predicament, all by using his intellect, charm, and street skills. He’s so clever and a fairly sane and decent person. Definitely my favorite GoT character next to Jon Snow!

Thank goodness they captured Oberyn’s murderous merry mistresses, aka his bastard daughters and crazy Ellaria Sand…

But, I wonder what Prince Doran will do with the captured Jaime and Bronn… And will the seemingly in love Myrcella and Prince Trystane wed?

Cersei: Sir Loras was promised to me, instead he chose the company of boys. 

Lord Baelish: One’s choice of companion is a curious thing.

Nooo!! Now Margaery and Loras have been arrested by the Faith Militant! 

But, but, but…I love those two!! Free them at once!!

I hope this all backfires on Cersei and the Faith Militant arrest/condemn her and Jaime for their incestuousness.

That end rape scene…

On one hand, all these horrible things that have happened to Sansa will, I think, make her stronger and we will start to see her play the game of thrones. Plus, it showed her, and Theon (who was, disgustingly, forced to look on), how truly disturbed Ramsey Bolton is. Maybe this will get Sansa to wake up and fight for herself and put a crack in Theon’s Reek-unconditional-servitude exterior. Maybe Sansa will find out her brothers are alive and Theon didn’t kill them. And then, she and Theon will find a way to take down the Boltons and take control of the North. 

On the other hand, that rape scene with Sansa was, in my opinion, utterly barbaric and completely unnecessary.

Also, she may have been force into the marriage and he may not have been her type, but I bet Tyrion is lookin’ pretty good right about now…At least he’s smart, sweet, and cared about her enough to never make her do anything she didn’t want to.