Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Blog: Mother’s Mercy

Stannis, Stannis, Stannis. Your troops abandoned you. Your wife hung herself. And you were defeated by the Boltons. And do you know what else? You deserved it! Yeah, I said it. 

That’s what you get for murdering your daughter…Sicko.

Go Brienne!! 

While I am super pumped you fulfilled your promise to avenge Renly by killing Stannis, YOU ABANDONED YOUR POST AND TOTALLY MISSED SANSA’S CRY FOR HELP! 

Did you forget the OTHER oath you made?!

Goodbye Sam! He’s gonna make an awesome Maester. 

Although, that does not bode well for Jon Snow who will now be all alone commanding the Night’s Watch with men who seem to hate him for making peace with the Wildlings.

Theon finally snapped out of it and saved Sansa! And they both escaped sadistic Ramsey!

Although, in order to do so, they had to jump over the castle’s wall. 

Did they commit suicide together?! If not, how will they survive that fall? 

The whole thing seemed too open-ended to be a double death scene of two major characters. Plus, there’s still so much left to explore plot-wise with the both of them. 

I just hope they do live and link up with Brienne and Podrick. The four of them would make one badass posse!

I knew it!!! While it was pretty awesome that Arya sought her revenge on Ser Meryn, Jacquen was none too happy that she killed the wrong man and used one of the many faces to do it. As punishment, Arya is now blind. 

Although, I think it will only be a temporary thing in order to teach Arya a lesson and heighten her abilities as a Faceless Man.

Jaime finally tells one of his kids that he’s their father. And it goes well. And he finally feels like a dad. And he looked so moved and emotional. And then the touching father-daughter scene between Myrcella and Jaime was completely ruined by Myrcella’s untimely death in Jaime’s arms!! 

I knew that kiss from Ellaria seemed fishy! 

Man, I’m so mad. I loved Myrcella’s character and I thought she was going to come back to Westeros, with the feminist strength and confidence that she gained in Dorne, and rule in her little brother Tommen’s place. Since he obviously can’t handle it. (Although, I wasn’t too shocked by this death because of the whole flashback to the prophesy Cersei received when she was a girl. It’s only a matter of time before poor little Tommen is gone too.)

The only good thing about this is, since Bronn has had first-hand experience with the poison that was used against Myrcella, at least they will know how it happened and who did it. 

And when Prince Doran finds out what Ellaria did, she will finally get her just desserts!

After all, Doran said he doesn’t do third chances.

Daario and Ser Jorah are off to find Daenerys. They’re both in love with her and Jorah is slowly going to turn into a Stone Man. So, that should make for an interesting journey.

Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm have been left to rule Meereen! If Tyrion is half as good as when he was Hand to the King and running Westeros, I think he can do some real good in Meereen!

Also, may I just say: Squad Goals…

Varys is back!!! WOO!

Is it just me or does it seem like Varys and Littlefinger are the mastermind puppeteers behind everything that’s going on each and every day?

They are always two steps ahead of everyone. I don’t think they want the throne for themselves, but I think that they want to make sure they protect their own interests and get the right person for the job on the throne. And because they do not seek power themselves, they are underestimated and forgotten. 

“A man with no motive is a man that no one suspects." 

They are sly, clever, and cunning. The best players of The Game of Thrones in the realm. Just goes to show you it does not take the biggest, strongest person, nor the person with the biggest stick or army. It takes a smart mind and patience to get what you want. 

By the way, where did Littlefinger slip off to?

Running away with Drogon is badass in execution, but not without consequences…Time to brush up on your Dothraki, Khalessi.

Cersei’s atonement walk of shame was equally satisfying as it was way harsh and awful to watch…

Dear Lord, I hope they don’t do that to poor Margaery or Loras. My heart couldn’t bear it!

I think the Faith Militant have gone a tad cray-cray. On one hand I agree with their equal punishment of all people, no matter how noble, for their immoral behaviors. But, on the other hand, I’m not sure I agree with their medieval methods and scare tactics. 

I’m all for morals, but no one is without sin. What are they going to do? Punish and/or lock up everyone in the Seven Kingdoms?

Judge not, lest ye be judged. 

What the hell?!?! The Night’s Watch just turned on Jon and killed him?! That’s the end?! He’s dead?!?! 

Nope. No. I refuse to believe it. The writers did not just kill off our beloved Jon Snow…

It’s like Sam said, “I’ve been worrying about Jon for years. He always comes back.”

I swear he better not die! 

I don’t care if they have to resurrect him Harry Potter-style with the Lord of Light and crazy-ass Melisandre. I don’t care if they warg him into the body of Ghost and have him run around as a direwolf all next season. 

He needs to stay on the show. It just would not be the same without him! 

I hope you Game of Thrones writers watch this episode and realize what horrible people you are…

Why do I do this to myself? I tell myself, ‘This is the Game of Thrones don’t get attached to a character.’ But, then I do. And how can you not get attached to a person as good and fair and kind-hearted as Jon Snow. And then this happens…

I’ve got to stop caring, so much for these fictional characters.

Funniest Parts of the Season Finale:

Sam and Jon’s giggly sex talk…

Tyrion’s broken Valyrian…


Where the heck have Bran and Gendry been ALL season? 

Is Gendry still rowing?