Game of Thrones: “Kill the Boy”

Ser Barristan died.

And Daenerys Targaryen slaughtered an entire group of people by way of dragon out of her grief for Ser Barristan… 

I mean I love you and I get you’re hurting and I get The Sons of the Harpy should be punished, but killing people is not the answer. 

She keeps this up she’ll turn into The Mad Queen.

Grey Worm and Missandei kissed!!

Just out of curiosity, how does a eunuch…You know what, never mind. You do you, you two crazy kids.

Sansa finally saw what’s become of Theon. You better start playing the game of thrones quick, girl, or you’re gonna get married to that sadistic, psychopath Ramsey…

Tyrion saw a dragon for the first time!

Ser Jorah and Tyrion fought off the Stone Men while passing through Valyria. But, poor Ser Jorah was touched and caught greyscale disease!