Game of Thrones: “Hardhome”

Daenerys and Tyrion, aka my favorite characters next to Jon Snow, are bonding and have decided to work together. They are going to make a diabolical duo!!

Cersei is locked in a prison cell!!

Arya got her first mission as a faceless assassin!

Sansa found out that her brothers might still be alive!! She thought all her family was gone, but now she has something worth fighting for.

Plus, maybe she won’t think so badly of Theon anymore, now that she knows he didn’t kill her brothers, and show some compassion towards him after all he’s been through. Maybe she’ll realize they are both victims and help Theon get back to his old self. 

AND THEN they can take back the North from the Boltons!!

The Crows and Wildlings vs. The White Walkers


Jon Snow’s sword killed the White Walker!! 

Longclaw is made of Valyrian steel. So, does that mean dragon glass isn’t the only thing that kills White Walkers? Does Valyrian steel kill them? 

If so, there’s only a few other Valyrian steel swords we know of…

  • Ned Stark’s sword fell into the hands of Tywin Lannister after his beheading. Tywin melted the steel down into two swords. He gave one sword to Jaime and the other to Joffrey. Jaime gave his sword to Brienne, which is still in her possession and is called Oathkeeper. And, after Joffrey’s death, I assume the second sword was passed to Tommen. 
  • Sam’s sword, Heartsbane, from House Tarly is Valyrian. 
  • Petyr Baelish’s dagger, that was used by an assassin in an attempt to kill Bran, is supposedly in Tyrion’s possession now, according to Baelish.

House Targaryen is nonexistent, except for Daenerys (And possibly Jon Snow if the R + L = J theory holds true…), and Valyria is a ghost-town full of stone men, so the people who knew the trade of crafting Valyrian steel are long gone. And many Valyrian swords that knights owned have been lost over time. 

But, maybe if they gather enough people to fight together against The Others (rather than fight in wars for the Iron Throne), search for and collect all the Valyrian steel swords, and find more dragon glass, they will be able to defeat the White Walkers!