First Day of School

Today is my last 'First Day of School' EVER.

My last year of college before I graduate and head out into the real world.

Everything I do this year will be my last.

It's a little frightening knowing that all the things I've gotten use to...the structure and discipline of classes everyday...Summer, Spring and Christmas fun...campus life...All will all be over in less than 9 short months.

It feels like I just was starting, and now here I am, reaching another "end" in my life...and another beginning.

But, it's also exciting. The openness...the possibilities...the future...all lay waiting.

My entire school career has been building toward this precipice where I will take that leap of faith after graduation, and hope that all my hard education has paid off. Hope that I get a job doing what I love, and continue to doing what I love for the rest of my days. Hope that I accomplish everything I've ever wanted to do with my life.