Finally watched this week’s TVD…

Man, what Liv did, that was definition of self-sacrifice. She totally saved Tyler!

Stefan is treating Caroline like a doormat. I miss their old friendship. I also love Caroline and think she deserves better stories than the ones she’s been getting as of late. Work on this, TVD writers.

Elena and the new guy storyline. + Ivy storyline. = Boring…

Whoa. What was that? Alaric can’t compel? Or is it that Jo can’t be compelled and has a secret of her own? Intriguing.

On an happy note: So glad they made Damon’s return a family moment with Stefan, instead of focusing on the romantic relationship storyline with Elena. 

Stefan and Damon’s brotherly reunion had me in tears. After all they’ve been through, they still needed each other.  

Love Stefan and Damon’s bond. Unbreakable. Brothers forever.

On an angry note: If they just killed off Bonnie and don’t bring her back, I will be SO pissed. She is the most selfless, strong, smart, beautiful character on the show. She deserves to be alive and happy, not dead or stuck in psycho land with Kai. Bring Bonnie Back!