Winter can be so drab, ladies. Searching for a way to spice up your style in this new year?

Look no further than Pantone’s official Color of the Year for 2013…Emerald!!

You may be wondering, how can I add this fabulous jewel tone to my wardrobe?

…Unless you’re feeling brave with the luck of the Irish in you…You probably won’t want to go out looking like a cross between Lucky the Leprechaun and “The Nightmare Before” St. Patty’s Day…

We’ve all heard the sayings “A little bit goes a long way,” “Big surprises come in small boxes,” and “Too much of a good thing”…etc. etc.

But, that’s what it really comes down to. Moderation is Key!

Sprinkle hints of Emerald into your outfits, such as a cute trench coat, a hot pair of heels, sparkly statement necklaces, bejeweled headbands, or sassy clutches.

Out with the COLD and in with the new…So say “Bye! Bye!” to those winter blues and “Hello!!” to a fierce pop of springtime Emerald.

**ALSO: Big SHOUTOUT to all my fellow May Birthday ladies, our birthstone is the Color of the Year!! We’re just that cool!**