With all of the fun to be had at the end of this summer and my preparations for next semester of classes, I thought what better way to start off the new college year right than to have one big fall fashion extravaganza that I like to call, Super Saturday Blog of Fall Fashion Must-Haves. These are just some items that I feel are absolutely amazing and essential for the impending autumnal weather…because let’s get real ladies, who doesn’t love dressing in the hottest fall fashion.

Ah yes, did I just catch a whiff of Chanel no. 5, and feel the rush of crisp cool air.  Why yes, I do believe Fall Fashion Season is upon us.

Well, it seems as if this season has taken a few tips from the clothes of the 80s, re-vamped and modernized them…So you may ask, what’s in? It is as if the Vogue gods are looking and smiling down on me, specifically, because it is all about the preppy style this season.  YAY!!

Break out your high collared shirts, colored cardigans, t-shirt/sweater dresses and brightly colored jeans…your cap-toed flats, topsider boat shoes, leather riding boots and a blazer…and don’t forget brightly printed and patterned bangles, scarves and clutches. 


Printed or Patterned Scarves

Colored Cardigans

Bright/Neon Jeans

Cashmere Sweaters

Blazers (with or without piping, your preference)

Trenchcoats/T-shirt Jackets

Blocked/Printed/Floral Dresses

Jackie O Style Dresses (“O” so classy, wouldn’t you say?)


Shoulder Bags/Clutches

Audrey Hepburn Mod-Esque Shades


Classic Black Heel (Loving the two tone colors in the heels this season!)

Leather Riding Boots

Simple Flats (I like to add a pop of color or a fun Cheetah/Leopard print to spice things up)

Cap-Toe Flats (very cute and very in)

Hopefully this guide gives you an overview of trending styles.  I also chose my picks for a reason.  A few of the things I chose can become your wardrobe staples, because they are classics and have never REALLY gone out of style.  

So whatever it is you get and wear this season, keep fashion sense in mind, but have fun with it, incorporate your own unique style, and then…Strut Your Stuff Girl!!!!