Dustin Hoffman Discusses Tootsie and His Realizations About Women

"There’s too many interesting women that I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed. That was not a comedy for me."

What fantastic interview, and a raw, emotional testament given by Mr. Hoffman.

It is a sad, but very true reality that women (and even men) are judged by their level of attractiveness. 

I have tested this theory myself and even wrote a paper for my college psychology minor class about this idealization of outer beauty.

The first day of the experiment I didn’t alter my natural appearance. I didn’t straighten my hair. I wore my glasses. I didn’t wear makeup (I also had a little acne that day and was tired with bags under my eyes) and I wore sweats and a T-shirt.

The second day I got up early to do my hair, wore contacts, full make-up and put-together a really cute outfit.

The first day, I was virtually ignored. No interactions, no one sitting next to me in the big lecture hall, no one making eye contact with me on campus.

The second day I got smiles from gentlemen I didn’t even know. I had EVERY door held open for me as I walked into buildings. I dropped my binder and some man helped me pick up my papers. Guys I did know stopped to talk to me.  Some dude sat down next to me in lecture, asked for my name, and struck up a conversation with me.

Just two days. Two days was all it took for every shallow idea of beauty to rear its ugly head. For people to prove that unfortunately we live in a society where kindness and manners is only offered to the highest bidder, aka the women who shows the most skin and has the prettiest, made-up face.

A warped perspective.

I was still the same intelligent, personable, silly, confident, passionate woman on Day 2 that I was on Day 1.  The only difference was on Day 2, I looked “hot," by guys’ standards, and Day 1 was considered “average," “plain," and “mediocre." 

Our society’s view about women needs a makeover. It is completely ridiculous that if a woman is not attractive by the false standards created by our culture, then she is not deserving of your time, compassion or love.  That she should be ignored and pushed aside because she is not your definition of “beautiful." 

There are so many talented, smart, classy and sophisticated women out there who are working hard and pursuing their dreams. But go unnoticed, because they’d rather study to get an A or finish a project for work, rather than spend 2 hours getting ready.  Who are considered “less than" because their face is bare, their boobs not big enough, their skirt not short or tight enough.

This happens with women all the time. And it has to stop. If not for us, for future generations of girls who are breed to think that they can’t dress how they want, be who they want, do whatever they want, or speak their mind. That they can’t work hard or be smart…and be beautiful at the same time.

That they are judged by outer beauty and not the content of their character.

Thank you, Dustin Hoffman. I already thought you were an incredible actor and kind person. Now I love you even more.