Downton Abbey Season 6 Musings and Predictions

Another year, another season of Downton Abbey has come and gone.

After a fabulous Christmas Special with some interesting surprises, I was left with quite a few questions and musings about Season 6.

  • How many more seasons of Downton will there be? There has been speculation of it ending after this upcoming Season 6! Say it ain’t so!!!
  • Will there be any sort of time jump? It’s 1924 in the show currently. Will they discuss more the rise of Hitler and The Third Reich party or get into WWII? Or will the show stop before the Second World War?
  • Rose said that Atticus got a job in NYC and Tom is taking little Sybil to America to live and work in Boston. Please say this isn’t the wrapping up of their story-lines because I LOVE their characters. I wonder if they will follow Rose and Tom in their adventures. Will they show the difference between the life of lords and ladies in England vs. the life of the upper-class in NYC and working-class in Boston during the 20s? I’d really like to see America in the Roaring 20s, through Rose and Tom’s perspectives, with flappers, prohibition, the jazz age, women’s suffrage…etc. There’s so much to explore there. 
  • I’m kind of happy that Violet and Isobel didn’t end up marrying their potential suitors. They are such good friends and are so happy hanging out and joking around with one another. I want to see more of their best friend shenanigans.
  • Lord Grantham and Lady Cora’s marriage has been put through the wringer this season. But, they seem to be in a happy place by the end of the Christmas Special. Will that happiness last? Or will the loses of Isis, Rose, Tom, and little Sybil from the house put a strain on their marriage? 
  • How will Lord Grantham’s health fare this upcoming season with his angina turned ulcer?
  • Isis is dead!!! I’m still crying!! Will there be a new doggie in the house? Also, will they re-film a new Downton intro now that Isis’ doggie butt is no longer in the picture?
  • Lady Mary’s foxy suitors! I thought after her break up with Lord Gillingham and her antics and rolling-in-the-pig-mud with Mr. Blake that there was a fun spark they were going to explore with Lady Mary and him. But, Mr. Blake said he was going away for a year and left. In swoops Mr. Henry Talbot in the last episode in all his adorable, charming glory. Was anyone else getting Matthew/Mary parallels with this new guy? He and Mary were dancing to the gramophone music (similar to Mary and Matthew’s dance/kiss while he was engaged to Lavinia), joking around with their silly, sarcastic wits (similar to all the times Matthew would challenge Mary), and then he showed her his snazzy, sporty car (similar to the one she and Matthew got on their honeymoon). Is this foreshadowing to a budding love between the two? And what will happen when/if Mr. Blake returns? Will he think that after their connection and his help getting her out of her relationship with Lord Gillingham, that she would wait for him? And then will he be mad that this new Mr. Talbot is in the picture and end up fighting for Mary’s affections? 
  • Oh, Edith…So, now the entire family, except for Mary, knows about her child, and they are all surprisingly OK with it. What will Mary think and how will she react when she learns of Edith’s secret? (We all know it’s coming.) Will Mary finally have some compassion towards her sister and view her in a different light now that she knows how much Edith has had to struggle with with out-of-wedlock concupiscence/relations, a dead love, and raising a child alone, similar to herself? Will other people in society find out Edith had a kid? 
  • Will we see older and talking George, Sybil, and Marigold?
  • Anna and Mr. Bates seem to both be in the clear of Mr. Green’s murder. Please say that this is the end of Bates and Anna’s hardships. They’ve been through enough! It may mean that Anna won’t work at Downton anymore to stay at home, but I want to see little Bates babies!!!
  • And their freedom is due, in great part, to Mr. Molesley and Ms. Baxter’s sleuthing, which was SO incredibly sweet…and thorough. Seriously, Molesley and Baxter, just make-out already, you two adorable little nuggets.
  • ALSO…CARSON AND MRS HUGHES ARE ENGAGED!!!! They’re so precious and I’m so happy for them. Will they show the wedding? Will both of them continue to work at Downton? AAAAAAAAA!!! I love them together. I totally predicted they would get-together in the end!
  • Thomas seems to be less of a jerk this season, now that he seems to have befriended Baxter and now that more of the house knows and accepts his secret. He even helped Mary and the others pull tricks on the butler who was treating Tom bad. And now the new footman, Andrew, whom he was friends with and rescued from the drunken Ms. Denker, has come to work at Downton. So, he has yet another friend. Will this be the end of Thomas’ evil antics and the dawn of nice Thomas?
  • Speaking of Ms. Denker, what will come of her and Sprout? Will they ever be friends?
  • Daisy decided she wasn’t leaving Downton, for Mrs. Patmore’s sake. Will she continue her education? Will Mr. Molesley help, and find higher education himself? Will either of them leave to pursue other careers? (Since Daisy’s such a talented cook, I’ve always thought she’d make an excellent chef in a fancy restaurant in London.)

Who knows what will happen next season…But, one thing I do know is that I CAN’T WAIT!!

What are your thought?

Until next January, my Downton lovers. 

And always remember to #PartyLikeACrawley.