Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 2 - RECAP

Mary took Anna to the doctor and is going to help her with her infertility issues! Yay for future Baby Bates!!!

Mrs. Hughes stuck it to Mr Carson! 

Lady Mary said Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes can marry in Downton. But, Mrs. Hughes has other plans. She told Carson she doesn’t want to get married in the house because she doesn’t want to still feel like servant at her own wedding and that he will control the next 30 years, but the wedding day is hers.

Mrs. Drewe kidnapped Marigold.

But, luckily Mr. Drewe returned her to Edith and promised to take his family off the land and be a tenant somewhere else.

And Mary still doesn’t know Marigold is Edith’s child!

She almost found out after the whole kidnapping situation, but Edith made up some excuse about Marigold being “in danger” and how Mrs. Drewe “took her to safety.” 

Seriously though, I want Edith to tell Mary! 

At first Mary may be mad that she’s the last to know, but I think once Mary knows what Edith has been through it will be a turning point for their relationship. 

Mary, I believe, thinks she’s the only one who has been through a lot in life, i.e. the scandal of a lover dying in her bed, losing her husband, taking care of a child on her own, going to a hotel with a man she is not married to and sleeping with him. But, so has Edith, i.e. getting pregnant out of wedlock, going away and delivering a baby, giving up a child to someone else, her love disappearing and possibly dead. 

Once Mary realizes that she and Edith aren’t so different and that Edith isn’t being whiny, that she has true pain and challenges in her life, I think the two will become closer as sisters and friends.

Edith’s editor is a sexist jerk who yells at her and treats her like garbage because how dare she have opinions about how her paper should be run! *sarcasm*

Poor Thomas. No one wants to hang out with him or learn with him. Mr. Carson doesn’t want to give him work. It’s possible he will be let go with the downsizing at Downton. And on his search for a new job he quickly realized that most of the other jobs are crap and he was even judged for being “delicate-looking.” His only friend seems to be Ms. Baxter.

Rose is possibly pregnant!