Cincinnati Enquirer unveils new format

After more than 170 years in broadsheet, the Cincinnati Enquirer converted today, like many of its fellow, print-edition news counterparts, to its first issue with the new tabloid-esque format. “The newspaper has a weekday circulation of 142,000 and a Sunday circulation of 265,000.”

Check it out online, or go to your local newsstand like I did and pick up a copy.

Love it? Think it will attract new readership? Think it will help the so-called “dying” breed of print? Wonder if it will help struggling papers to save money?

Hate it? Think it looks too much like daily, local community papers? Wonder what will happen to historic front-page news..when it’s too small to have a front page? Miss the nostalgic, old-school broadsheet with above and below the fold news? 

What do you think?