Can we all stop generalizing and stereotyping one another?

Not all men are “sexist.”

Not all women are “against feminism.”

Not all whites are “racists.”

Not all African Americans are “criminals.”

Not all Asian Americans are “super smart.”

Not all American Muslims are “terrorists.”

Not all men are “CEOs and video gamers.”

Not all women are “secretaries and homemakers.”

Not all people who have sex “sleep around a lot.”

Not all virgins are “anti-sex” or “saving themselves for religious reasons.”

Not all people of younger generations are “tech obsessed & uneducated.”

Not all people of older generations are “un-compassionate & out-of-touch.”

Not all police officers are “bad.”

Not all religious people are “anti-LGBTQIA.”

Not all LGBTQIA people are “anti-religious.”

Not all liberals agree with every liberal political agenda.

Not all conservatives agree with every conservative political agenda.

Promote love and tolerance. Not hate and prejudice.