Arrow: The Candidate

FO REAL! Felicity really does need a nickname! What if somebody overhears them say it in their earpieces. Felicity is a unique name. That could put her in danger!

Felicity’s the new CEO of Palmer Tech! Girl Power! 

And Oliver got her a love fern and packed her a lunch!! BAHAHAHAHA

I love island flashbacks! Also, what the hell happened on the island since Oliver last left it? What is this weird, slave farm? And what is his mission for Waller? Intriguing… 

What is Darhk’s endgame in all this? Does he want to be mayor? Dictator? Have a HIVE takeover? Enslave everyone in STAR City? Kill everyone and sacrifice their blood to his tiki idol? 

Knew it! Thea being violent, almost killing people, and physically fighting Oliver are all symptoms of the Lazarus Pit!!

Thea: Ollie didn’t listen.

Laurel: Of course he didn’t. He’d do anything to save his sister.

I know that look in your eye, Laurel. What are you gonna do dig up Sara’s grave? And at what cost? Look at what’s happening to Thea. Sara may not come back the same person…And who knows, Sara might be worse off because she’s been dead longer. 

This is probably all a terrible idea…But, I freakin’ LOVE Sara and really want her back! 

Maybe Captain Lance isn’t working with Darhk by choice, like I thought last week. Maybe he’s only doing it because Darhk threatened Laurel. Or Darhk promised to bring Sara back with his witchy voodoo. I can only hope he had enough sense to only get involved with Darhk to save his daughter and not because he agreed with him. 

Dammit Speedy! Just when Lance might have started trusting Oliver, as the new and improved Green Arrow, and the vigilantes. Now he thinks Oliver almost killed the guy that you set on fire.

I love Felicity’s new friend at Palmer, Holt!!

Speedy’s anger got the better of her and she almost killed that guy. So, Laurel and Speedy are taking a little road trip to Nanda Parbat to get info from Malcolm and The League to see if they can fix Speedy’s condition. 

Laurel: Your not the only reason for us going to Nanda Parbat.

She’s going try to bring Sara back! 

Oliver is running for mayor! Mayor Oliver Queen and his girlfriend Felicity Smoak, CEO of Palmer Tech. 

Laurel, I was JOKING about the whole “dig up sara’s grave” thing!