Arrow: 'Nanda Parbat' Live Blog

Oliver: “Thea you can’t tell anyone what happened.”

Thea: “Laurel, Malcolm drugged me, which made me susceptible to persuasion. Malcolm wasn’t the one who killed Sara. I fired the arrows.”

Nyssa vs. Malcolm

The League of Assassins caught Malcolm!! 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, part of me doesn’t want something to happen to Malcolm because I love seeing the talented John Barrowman on my TV every week, but Malcolm is so evil and manipulative…He deserves what he gets. Karma’s a B.

Laurel: “We’re taking prisoners now?”
Felicity: “Actually, Oliver has an entire prison on Lian Yu.” 

Such adorable Felicity and Ray moments this episode while he’s creating the A.T.O.M. suit. Also, Felicity’s much less weepy and whiny, much more clever and take-charge with Ray, like her old self.

Felicity to Ray: “You’re going to take a shower, have dinner, and then I’m taking you straight to bed…..NO! Putting you! I meant “putting you” to bed.”

Also, Felicity and Ray “got together.” If ya know what I mean…

Nyssa’s conversation with Laurel was so well written. You can really tell how much they both loved Sara, yet how Laurel realizes that revenge isn’t the answer and doesn’t make the pain of losing Sara go away.

Noooooo! Oliver and Dig got captured! And Ollie keeps saying they went to Nanda Parbat all because he doesn’t want Thea to go crazy from thinking she’s the reason her dad is dead. But, Thea told him NOT to go for that very reason because she didn’t want to lose her brother! There has to be more to it…


I knew it! Oliver didn’t go to Nanda Parbat just for Thea! 

But, he went because of pride and ego?! Because he didn’t like losing to Ra’s?! Seriously, dude?!?!

OH NO! Thea told Nyssa the truth and let her out of her jail cell! 

All Nyssa knows is revenge and nothing else! She shows no mercy. 

Real nice, Thea. NOW SHE’S GOING TO KILL YOU! And Oliver and Malcolm are all the way in Nanda Parbat, so there’s no one there to save you. You might be able to defend yourself alone for a bit, or with help from Canary, but let’s be honest, neither of you has the skill level that Nyssa does. I know you feel guilty but, why would you turn yourself over like that, Speedy?!

Although, it’s possible that Laurel’s words struck a cord with Nyssa earlier about vengeance not being the answer and/or Nyssa realizes that Thea was drugged, didn’t know what she was doing, and it wasn’t her fault. So, Nyssa spares her…

Does anyone else want Nyssa to become friends with/train Laurel and Thea?! Like HOW COOL would those bad-ass, female warrior league, training sesh scenes be?!

Ra’s al Ghul wants Oliver to take over the League of Assassins for him!!!


Oliver as the head of the League would be so badass!! 

Except he would need a bit more training in my opinion, from Ra’s of course, before he was ready to be the leader of the League of Assassins, who is supposed to be the ultimate, greatest, undefeated warrior in all the world. Oliver can’t even beat Malcolm Merlyn with Thea helping him. Boy needs some work. Although, I see where Ra’s is coming from. Instead of choosing his emotion-driven daughter, Nyssa, to take over the League he chooses a man like him to take his place…the killed-many, soul-deadened, mission-focused, lonely, hardened Oliver.

With Oliver a part of the League, that would open a whole new host of EPIC story-lines and villains!

And who would protect Starling City, you ask? Well take your pick. We have Arsenal, Canary…and now A.T.O.M.!!!

Oliver as the head of the League would be SWEET!! But, I’m not going to set my expectations too high. I have a feeling that the writers just dropped this bombshell before the hiatus in order to build up anticipation and excitement. They’ll probably come back, have an episode or two of Oliver deciding if he wants to take Ra’s place, but, in the end, have Ollie decide he doesn’t want to take up the mantle.

Either way, awesome episode tonight and great cliffhanger!! 

See you in March!!