Arrow: “My Name is Oliver Queen”

Barry Allen for the win!! Coming in and saving everyone from the planned fake alpha/omega bio-weapon attack!!! 

And then, when he saw the Lazarus Pit, “Whoa! You guys have a hot tub?!?!”

Also, makes you wonder how much easier life would have been if Oliver would have just CALLED BARRY IN THE FIRST PLACE! Seriously, he could have been like, ‘Hey Barry, can you hoist me up a snowy mountain and help me kill Ra’s al Ghul. Gee Thanks.’ End Scene.

Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen!

Oliver, tricked you, Ra’s!!!!!

Malcolm: We trade Damien for the virus. That is remarkably ruthless and coldblooded. I approve.

Thea is officially Speedy!! She saved Dig!! Oliver beat and killed Ra’s! Felicity saved Oliver in the A.T.O.M. suit! Ray saved everyone from the virus with his nanotech!

Everyone was so badass and working together for the greater good!

WHOA! Ray’s suit just blew up! What the hell happened to Ray?! That explosion! I was not prepared for that cliffhanger!

I knew Malcolm had a hidden agenda!! The only reason he worked with and helped Oliver was so that Oliver would make him the head of the League of Assassins.

Oliver and Felicity riding off into the sunset…

I wonder what’s gonna happen next?!

A new identity for Oliver?! Green Arrow?! 

Oliver and Felicity? Oliver and Laurel? 

The team getting back together? Starling City separate plot line with Speedy, Black Canary, and Ray being the heroes? 

So many questions and cliffhangers!

I’m so excited for next season!