Arrow Live Blog: “The Offer”

I love how Ra’s just takes Oliver’s cuffs off and is like ‘Come let me give you a tour of Nanda Parbat and tell you the tale of Ra’s. You hungry? Grape?’ And then he showed Oliver the Lazarus Pit!! So cool.

Oliver walked away scot-free from Ra’s al Ghul. And he went home with Diggle and Malcolm as a peace offering, while he decides whether or not to become the next Ra’s. 

That was…too easy.

I’m sorry, but Ra’s doesn’t seem like a merciful, compassionate person. I feel like Oliver doesn’t really have a choice. Ra’s wants him to be the next Ra’s. Period. I don’t think saying no is actually an option. And if Oliver does say no, there’s probably going to be strings attached or negative repercussions.

Also, Ra’s isn’t going to let Malcolm get away with his crimes that simply. No way. 

Unless he’s still disapproving of the weakness Nyssa’s love for Sara brought into her life and lets it go OR he’s so busy with Oliver being the next Ra’s he forgets…Both of which I highly doubt.

Plus, Nyssa and Thea definitely aren’t going to be happy that Malcolm is still alive and Sara’s death hasn’t been avenged.

Oliver: You still need training
Laurel: When are you gonna stop telling me that.
Oliver: When you don’t need any more training.

I love watching Oliver and Laurel kick butt together, now. I have to say I was totally on the Oliver/Laurel train in the first season, seeing as they’re canon in the comics. But, then Laurel went off the rails and just became whiny and a bit annoying, plus they were pushing Oliver and Felicity which I thought was cute. But, now that Laurel is sober, strong, independent, and kicking a** as Black Canary, I’m totally back on the Oliver/Laurel train. 

Black Canary + Arrow = Badass Crime-Fighting Couple

Lance said he is “done” with Arrow now because he didn’t tell him about Sara and feels he can’t trust him. The prophecies that Ra’s made about the city and people close to Oliver turning on him are coming true. Ra’s totally predicted the future…How’d he do that?!

Felicity and Ray…

Oliver: Is Malcolm still alive?
Thea: In my mind, I slit his throat 7 times. Snapped his neck twice.

I knew Nyssa wouldn’t be happy that Ra’s wanted to make Oliver his heir over her. Like I said before, Ra’s thinks she’s too emotional and weak, but Oliver is a loner who has become almost numb to being a killer.

Oliver: If I can’t be Oliver Queen…. If I can’t be The Arrow. Maybe I should be Ra’s Al Ghul.

(Oliver’s probably not going to accept the offer to be the next Ra’s. But, can you imagine him being head of the League of Assassins?! That would be SO COOL!)

Poor Thea. She’s feels like a murderer and is wracked with guilt and pain. She even tried to get herself killed. I haven’t seen her this messed up since Season One when she was doing drugs after she thought Oliver and her dad were dead. 


Malcolm told Thea all the ways she could properly and swiftly kill him. And that’s his idea of “parenting.”

Murmur is creepy as hell…

Phew! Nyssa saved Laurel and Oliver saved Lance. That was close… 

AND THEN Nyssa and Laurel kicked some serious butt together! 

Lance: You waiting on a thank you?
Oliver: That’s not why I do this.

FINALLY. I love that little exchange between Oliver and Lance. Oliver is remembering why he started his work as a vigilante in the first place. His job is thankless and people may not like him. But, he’s necessary. Deep down he knows what he is doing is right. Oliver only needs to believe in himself and doesn’t need approval or acceptance from anyone. And, unlike the first season, everyone close to him knows his secret, so he has friends and help. He needs to right his fathers wrongs, protect innocent people, and help the city. That’s what it’s all about. Glad to see him coming back around to finding himself again. You Go Glen Coco!

SHADOW?! She’s still alive?!?! 

It’s possible the writers were just trying to trick us. Like ‘Oh, Shadow was just Oliver’s hallucination.’ 

But, maybe there’s more to the flashback story. Maybe Shadow is alive, but doesn’t want anyone to know. Maybe Oliver is keeping secrets for her and not telling anyone she is alive, including Slade. The secret must have been something big or her life must be in danger, if anyone finds out that she’s not dead, because Oliver just let Slade believe he got Shadow killed. And then, Slade killed Oliver’s mom for revenge. Oliver must love and want to protect Shadow a whole lot if he’s willing to let Slade kill Moira instead of just telling Slade that Shadow was still alive. 

Nyssa and Laurel are teaming up and Nyssa’s going to train Laurel. I was totally just saying an episode ago that I wanted Nyssa and Laurel (and Thea) to team up and be an all-girl, crime-fighting group. My dreams are coming true!!

Oliver turned Ra’s down. And Maseo confirmed exactly what I thought! I knew it! Maseo said that Ra’s gave an order. It wasn’t a choice. Now Oliver has to face the consequences, whatever those consequences may be. 

Dang, Oliver. You better watch your back. I have a feeling that rejecting Ra’s will not end well.

Roy and Thea kissed!!!

OH SNAP! Ra’s dressed up as the Arrow in the hood! I bet this is his revenge on Oliver since Oliver turned down being his heir! 

20 bucks Ra’s is going to pretend to be the Arrow in order to wreak havoc in Starling City. Ra’s is probably trying to turn the city and Oliver’s loved ones against him by messing with Team Arrow’s missions or doing bad things as the Arrow in the hood. So then, people will blame it on Oliver/Arrow. He may even resort to killing those Oliver loves or revealing to everyone that Oliver is the Arrow. I could even see Ra’s swooping in, once Oliver is considered a hated, outcast in his city, and convincing Oliver to be Ra’s. 

So much excitement! Great episode!