Arrow Live Blog: “Suicidal Tendencies”


Diggle to Ray: You hurt her, they’ll never find your body.

Laurel’s training with Nyssa!!

Oliver to Felicity: I’m glad your happy. You deserve a good guy and a normal life.

Ra’s masquerading as Arrow and murdering civilians to turn the city against Oliver was an abrupt end to the wedding. Did they even have time for a piece of cake?

The Suicide Squad!! 

Although, I have to say, I don’t think spending the week on a mission with Deadshot and co. makes for a great wedding night or honeymoon.

Cupid’s back! Get ready for hilarious, cray-cray, cheesy goodness!

First, Oliver in a suit and suspenders. Now, Oliver’s practicing sword fighting shirtless in the foundry. 

The juxtaposition of Deadshot, who doesn’t believe in love and is a loner, with Cupid, who is an obsessive romantic, is HYSTERICAL!

So wait…the offer to be Ra’s is still on the table for Oliver?!

I thought since he said no that that was it and now he has to suffer the consequences….

Dude! DO IT! I mean, Ra’s is just gonna keep killing innocent people until you do. Plus, Detective Lance is gonna lead the torches-and-pitchforks to your doorstep and have your head on a spike literally any day now. And Roy and Black Canary can handle Starling City. Plus, if you become Ra’s, you could change the rules and the way the league does things. Make a difference. Become their leader and order them all to not kill anyone and instead have all the evils prisoners locked on Lian Yu with Slade.

OR Oliver could form his own league, now that there’s so many heroes/fighters in Starling…Arsenal, Black Canary, A.T.O.M., Nyssa, Thea, Diggle…and hell, throw in Malcolm, Deadshot, and Cupid for kicks. They could call themselves “The League of Non-Assassins Who Will Not Kill You, But Will, However, Seriously Maim You And Lock You Away Because That’s The Right Thing To Do.” 

Might need to shorten that…

Ray used facial recognition software in his A.T.O.M. suit and found out Oliver is Arrow!

Also, Ray knows that Felicity has been working with Oliver and lying to him.

AND Ray is going to “bring Oliver to justice” AKA PROBABLY TELL EVERYONE THAT OLIVER IS THE ARROW!

Poor Deadshot had a wife and daughter and a great life, but he ostracized/scared them because he was totally messed up by PTSD and guilt from all the people he shot and killed in the army.

Deadshot saved Cupid and now Cupid loves him and is hitting on him…

That senator paid mercenaries to create a fake hostage situation to play hero in order for the public to like him and elect him President in the next elections…

Oliver: You have no idea what this city is up against.
Ray: Actually, I think I do and I’m gonna stop him.

Ray, YOU’RE going to stop Ra’s Al Ghul? Sure. Yeah. Ok.

Who knew Deadshot had a rally-the-troops, “we’re gonna get out of here and you’re gonna get back home to your daughter” speech in him?

Ray just hurt Roy and Oliver! Why you gotta be so rude, Ray? If you’d let Oliver explain and listen to reason…

WHOA! Oliver took Ray down! 

Don’t go up against the master, young grasshopper.

Dude, is no one gonna talk about how Oliver just left an electrocuted Roy lying there on the ground?! Is Roy ok?! Someone please check on Roy!

Awwww man. Deadshot sacrificed himself for them. I hope he’s not dead. I’ve really started to like Deadshot. Underneath the human weapon that the army and Waller created him to be, I think he’s an inherently good person. 

I mean, we didn’t actually see him die. And usually in superhero land, if you don’t see it, that probably means that the character is gonna appear later as some kind of “Hey, I’m alive. Bet you didn’t see that coming.” plot twist late on. Maybe he just wanted to escape out from under Waller’s thumb and fly under the radar, remember what it’s like to live a normal, assassination-free life, and get better.

I’m happy Ray and Felicity are back together. They’re cute. But, I’m still peeved that Ray undermined Felicity and didn’t trust her. 

He says he loves her and wants a partner in all aspects of his life, ie. work, superhero-ing, personal. But, if he loves her, that means he should also trust her. Trust is what love’s supposed to be about. I mean he basically said to her ‘You’re a lovestruck, gullible girl who has moon eyes over Oliver and are blinded to everything bad he does and can’t form an opinion of your own about the difference between what’s right and wrong.’ Which is the opposite of our strong-minded, independent Felicity! If anything, everybody in the foundry usually agrees with Oliver about whatever and goes along with it, while Felicity is the one protesting and being the moral compass.

Ewww…That senator got off scot-free. He paid people to shut them up. Made himself the hero. And pinned the hostage situation on poor, dead Deadshot.

Diggle can’t leave Team Arrow!

Maseo, what the hell!?!?!?! You shot an innocent woman with an arrow in front of city officials. And now maybe Felicity?!?!?! CLIFFHANGER?!?!?! 

I don’t think they’ll kill or injure Felicity. This isn’t Game of Thrones…

Awww man. We got Ray on our side. But, now after this last “Ra’s-al-Arrow” killing, the Arrow is public enemy numero uno. 

We now return you to Season One Lance, on a manhunt for the Arrow once more.

20 bucks Captain Lance finally finds out Oliver is the Arrow next week!

Mark my words.

Until next time, Arrowheads!