Arrow Live Blog: “Public Enemy”

Ray saved Felicity from being shot with an arrow.

Only to be shot himself…

Captain Lance now has an anti-vigilante task force and has a arrest warrant out for the Arrow. Hello Season-One-Angry Lance! 

Also, COME ON! It’s been three seasons and, from the multiple times Lance has seen and talked with The Arrow, he STILL hasn’t been able to recognize Oliver.

And you called yourself a detective…

I knew it! It wasn’t Shadow! They made us think he saw Shadow, but it was really Shadow’s twin sister (Shadow has a twin sister?!?!) in the flashback. 

Roy and Thea, you dirty birds.

OH NO! Bad news for Ray, unless they can figure out a loophole or use his medical nano-tech to save his life.

Felicity’s mom: Hey! At least you finally have a boyfriend.

Oliver playing the Sara card to get Nyssa to betray her father, but do the right thing and help him.

If Oliver won’t be the next Ra’s, Ra’s made sure he called the police to have them arrest him and lock him up in prison, instead. Ra’s was two steps ahead of Oliver…

I don’t want Oliver, Laurel, Roy, or Dig to be caught, but this police hunt is so exciting!!!

Also, I thought Lance knew Laurel took up Sara’s mantel. You do know you’re chasing after and trying to arrest your own daughter, right?!

Laurel: What are you gonna do? Shoot your own daughter?!
Lance: Maybe a night in jail will set you straight.

Aaaannnndddd. Apparently he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Nyssa saving Laurel!! Diggle in the getaway car!! And they all made it back to the Arrow cave safe.

Oliver feels cornered and is realizing that Ra’s will never stop until Oliver takes his “rightful place” or ends up in a jail cell. Why do I have a bad feeling Oliver is going to turn himself in to Lance or reveal who he is?

RA’S TOLD LANCE OLIVER IS THE ARROW!!!!!!!!!! Lance sent out his men to arrest Oliver! Felicity and Ray used nanotechnology to save Ray’s life…And it worked! (Thank God!) AND NOW LANCE ANNOUNCED ON THE NEWS TO THE WHOLE CITY THAT OLIVER QUEEN IS THE ARROW!

So sad to see the juxtaposition of flashback Maseo, who did everything to protect the ones he loves including his friend Oliver, to this new League Maseo who is killing innocent people and on the dark side with Ra’s.

Ray said ‘I love you.’ And Felicity didn’t say it back…

Felicity’s mom: Did you and Ray just have hospital sex?!

BAHAHAHA…I love Felicity’s mom!

Felicity’s mom: You couldn’t tell Ray you loved him because you’re in love with Oliver.

Oliver turned himself in…And I kind of agree with him. How does the saying go? The truth shall set you free. He’s lived so much of his new life (aka after the island) running, in hiding, and keeping secrets from people. Maybe it’s a good thing that everything is out in the open. 

Also, Oliver turning himself in is what sets Oliver apart from Ra’s al Ghul. Oliver chose prison and outing himself to protect those he loves and the innocent citizens of Starling City from being killed. Because deep down, Oliver really isn’t a killer. He’s a good man.

You do you, Oliver.

Oliver: You have no idea how powerful the truth can be. 
Shadow’s sister in the flashback: You have no idea how powerful the truth can be.

He learned that lesson and carried it with him from Shadow’s sister, May.


Also, with Roy in prison indefinitely and his fate hanging in the balance, is this setting up for Thea becoming Speedy? I mean, she has League-level training. She could totally do it. Remember how Oliver use to call her Speedy? And in the comics a girl named Mia (It rhymes with Thea..HINT?!) takes over for Roy as Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy. Sooooooo….

Not another hiatus! No new episodes until April 15th!

Until next time, Arrowheads!