Arrow Live Blog: “Broken Arrow”

Roy took the fall for Oliver not only to save Oliver, because of all Oliver has done to save his life, but also out of guilt for shooting that police officer back when he was on the Mirakuru. He feels this is the only way he can service his guilt and be properly punished.

Bank robbing metahuman?! What is this…Central City? Barry, I think you forgot one.

Ray/Felicity post-I-Love-You-She-Didn’t-Say-It-Back scene…

Malcolm: No one close to you has died…Yet.

Oliver: I’m gonna break Roy out of prison.

Brilliant plan, Oliver. Now, you’re gonna land both of you in jail.

Felicity: Looks like we have another problem to add to our growing list. 

Isn’t that really the theme of Arrow, in general?

The police stormed the Arrow cave and started ransacking it. They’re ruining everything!

Captain Lance to Oliver: I got you now you son of a bitch.

Yo, angry-Lance, listen up! There is a crazy meta-human on the loose. Ra’s al Ghul is killing dozens of innocents by the week and is threatening to kill those Oliver loves, which includes your only, non-dead daughter, unless Oliver becomes the Heir to the Demon. Plus, the Arrow is necessary to protect Starling’s citizens, when the police can’t, and you made him public enemy #1.

The world is bigger than your little vendetta against Oliver. Now is not the time, dude. 

The police knocked over Felicity and Oliver’s love fern!! 

Is that a metaphor for an end to the hopes of a romantic relationship between those two?

Felicity wiped all of Oliver’s and everyone’s prints from the Arrow cave, leaving only Roy’s fingerprints…Genius!

Ray: So, it’s a team up? High five!

Anyone else think Ray Palmer is like a hyper-Harry Potter on Felix Felicis potion…

Oliver to Felicity (about Ray): Do you get this worried when I’m out on the field?

Roy just single-handedly kicked the butt of like five guys in that prison fight without his arrows…Damn!

Oliver is having a serious identity crisis. He has to sit and do nothing. He can’t be the Arrow or Lance and Ra’s will be on his case. He can’t save the city by fighting the meta-human and he has to rely on Ray. He can’t break out Roy out of prison at the risk of landing there himself. He doesn’t want to go be Ra’s. The girl he loves is with Ray and he pushed her into Ray’s arms for fear that being with her would put her in harm’s way. He’s feeling alone and useless.

Will this drive him right to The Demon’s doorstep?

Felicity to Oliver: You’re the man that I…*hesitates*….I believe in. 

You were gonna say love weren’t you, girl.

Using Ray’s tech with Oliver’s brain!


I don’t believe it until the body is in the ground. They wouldn’t kill Roy. Too many people were pronounced “dead” and then were later found out to be alive on this show. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I knew it!! They wouldn’t kill him off! This was a plan all along. That’s why Dig and Felicity were so calm! They knew their plan to use Dig’s ARGUS connections and faking Roy’s death would save him! Smooth moves, guys!

Roy’s leaving because “Roy Harper” doesn’t exist anymore! Where’s he going?! Will he be back?

Felicity: I’ll miss you most of all Scarecrow…

Awkward! Felicity basically just told Oliver she loves him right in front of Ray, the boyfriend she couldn’t say ‘I love you’ to mere days before. Ray looked hurt.

Maseo’s wife: You need to learn to let people help you, Oliver.

Oh, ok! I get the significance of these flashbacks to Oliver in Hong Kong. Usually flashbacks help emphasize the moral of that week’s episode. He needed Maseo and co. to help him steal the vaccine and go take down the corrupt government to save millions of lives. Oliver needs to learn to rely on people, let his guard down, and be close to others. He’s spent so long alone and in the shadows that all he knows is secrets, lies, and pushing people away. He needs to learn that life is much better and easier when the are people to share the ups-and-downs with.

The Cisco/Ray bromance is perfect!

A non-Central City meta-human?!?!?! 

Ra’s vs. Thea…GET HIM GIRL!!!!


I don’t think she’ll die. (Although, I will be SO upset if she does!)

Ra’s kills with intention. He called her a “child” and knows she’s an innocent person. 

Also, note he said Oliver will “beg” him. That’s code for, ‘Hey, Oliver I’ll save Thea with the Lazarus Pit…if you take my place as Head of the Demon.”

But, will the pit work? And will Thea even be the same person after the pit or be altered mentally or personality-wise?!

We don’t normally see Oliver have a complete and utter emotional breakdown, like…ever. But, I think we will see one next episode. He loves his little Speedy more than anything. And to come home to find her stabbed and dying, with no Arrow to distract him and no one to be there for him. That might just crumble the tough, unfeeling, loner shell of his.

If she dies or is changed by the pit, that will destroy Oliver. He’s lost all of his family, some of his closest friends, his girl, and his purpose in life, i.e. The Arrow. 

I’m thinking he’ll take Ra’s position to save Thea or go willing because he feels dead inside and like he has nothing left.

Or find some crazy loophole and there will be an insane plot twist…like always.

Until next week, Arrowheads!