Arrow comes back tonight!!

So, in case you are an Arrow fan living under a rock.

This is how the mid-season finale episode ended:


Stephen Amell keeps skirting around the subject coyly by saying things like, “I certainly hope he’s not dead. I enjoy playing him.”

And Producer Marc Guggenheim said that they “can’t say” if they’d use the Lazarus Pit or not, and that they “could do it,” but the show is very “grounded” and “realistic,” so they’d have to “do it right.” 

But, let’s be real.

1)  Stephen Amell is a lying little tease. 

Exhibit A:

 (But, I like it…)


2)  No offense to the creators/writers/producers, but there are a lot of unrealistic elements to the show. 

Exhibit A: Oliver almost dying a dozen or so times from horrifying injuries, yet he lives without ever going to the hospital because he treated himself or Diggle/Felicity treated him, even though none of them have had formal medical training.

Exhibit B: The “magical herbs” that fix EVERYTHING.

Exhibit C: The fact that we thought Malcolm Merlyn was dead and now he’s alive?!?! (*cough*LazarusPit*cough*)

I think using the Lazarus Pit is a perfectly legitimate way to bring Oliver back, considering the severity of his injury (HE WAS STABBED COMPLETELY THROUGH THE CHEST, FRONT TO BACK! HOW ELSE DOES SOMEONE LIVE THROUGH THAT WITHOUT MAGIC!) and considering he’s on Nanda Parbat and they showed Ra’s al Ghul getting out of a pool at the beginning of the episode.

Can you say foreshadowing?

And if The Lazarus Pit is used, either by Oliver himself or someone saving him with it, it’s possible that Oliver’s personality or memory could change due to the consequences of using its magical healing powers, as the pit is described in the comics. That might be interesting. 

Can you say PLOT TWIST?

Anyways, I’m fairly certain the reason they “killed off Oliver” for the time being was to:

  • Give Laurel a chance to fight crime and take over for Sara as Black Canary without Oliver hovering over her shoulder or preventing her from doing a “dangerous” job.


  • Give screen-time to and focus on Arsenal and the origins of ATOM for a few episodes with Oliver gone.

Meanwhile, Lazarus Pit or not, I have a few theories as to how Oliver survives and comes back:

1) Malcolm Merlyn saves Oliver. 

And before you say, “Why would Merlyn save Oliver?”

I have two bits of evidence for you.

  1. John Barrowman slipped in an interview and said he was headed afterward to film a scene on a “snowy mountain” and the preview trailer shows a League-dressed person happening upon Oliver.
  2. It’s possible that Malcolm saves Oliver because he went in place of Thea to fight Ra’s, saving his daughter.  But, let’s be honest, Merlyn’s not that nice. If he had an online dating profile his #1 hobby would be manipulating people. He stole Thea away to train her, but then she decided to go back to Starling with Oliver. Malcolm already lost his son and now he wants a protege and a pawn in his games, so he will do anything to stay close to Thea and keep Thea safe. Oliver is ruining that. If you’ll recall in the scene where Oliver comes over for popcorn and movies with Thea, they showed Merlyn creeping on them through the window from a rooftop above. He could save Oliver so that he will be indebted to him. Or because Thea is distracted from her training without Oliver in her life. Or he will use Oliver to manipulate Thea to do what he wants (whatever that may be) in order to get her brother back.

2)  Ra’s al Ghul admires Oliver’s sacrifice for his sister and saves him after almost killing him. Although, I’m not sure Ra’s is that compassionate…

3)  Maseo, League of Assassin member and Oliver’s old partner in Hong Kong, saves his friend Oliver.

4)  Oliver fakes his death somehow, strikes Ra’s when he is unsuspecting and weak, kills Ra’s, becomes the leader of the League of Assassins. Probable, but unlikely. Although, it would be BADASS!

5)  Thea finds out Oliver is the Arrow, that she was brainwashed to kill Sara, and that he went to fight Ra’s for her. She goes to save her brother. Although, he’d probably be dead by the time all that happened.

6) The producers/writers mentioned in an interview that Team Arrow will get “suspicious” about Oliver’s death. So, they could rally (Diggle, Felicity, Arsenal, Black Canary…etc.) and go to find him. But, again, that may take too long and Oliver would bleed out in that amount of time.

Although, this theory could fit well with #1. Malcolm saves Oliver from death, initially. Keeps it a secret to satisfy his own ends. Team Arrow gets suspicious and goes to find him and save him from Malcolm. Very possible.

7)  Oliver falls into the Lazarus Pit after getting drop kicked by Ra’s off the mountain. Or saves himself in some non-pit related way. Giant bag of “herbs” in his back pocket? Yawn. Anti-climactic.

8) Slade’s Mirakuru wore off after he was stabbed with the cure and put in his cell. He escapes his island prison. He saves Oliver. Bit of a stretch…

What ever way they bring him back, there is one thing I know for certain.

They are bringing Oliver back. 

You don’t just kill off the main character of a show. Unless you’re George R.R. Martin.

H***, Amell has been posting behind-the-scenes photos during filming of him in flashback and non-flashback costumes. Come on. That’s proof enough.

CAN’T WAIT for the rest of this season!

The reveal of the mystery of Oliver’s survival. Arsenal, ATOM, and Black Canary. More flashbacks and Oliver’s life during those missing 5 years. Thea’s life and secrets. Malcolm’s plans. You know he’s plotting something…Don’t be naive. (BARROWMAN!! *shakes fist*)

SO pumped!!!