Arrow: Beyond Redemption

Sara is back, but not at all herself.

Laurel is completely delusional and in denial, out of grief and a desperate desire to have her sister back. She keeps saying things like “She just needs a few days until she’s is back to her self.” 

We all want Sara back, Laurel. But at what cost?

All the while, Sara is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, not remembering anything, and attacking anyone who comes close to her.

Captain Lance even went so far as to go to Damien Darhk pleading for help from the former League member, who essentially said that Sara has no soul and convinced Lance to attempt to put her down like a dog. 

Lance couldn’t go through with it. And I mean, who could? That’s his little girl. He can’t kill is own daughter. 

When Darhk says it’s bad, it must be pretty bad. Laurel, it’s gonna take some Harry Potter-level sorcery to get Sara back to the way she was…

Constantine anyone?! 

Also, Sara escaped at the end of the episode.

I wonder how Oliver is going to react when he finds out what Laurel did…

Can I just say how happy I am that glad Dig and Oliver are BFFS again!! And that the whole team is unified!! 

And how BADASS the new Team Arrow Lair is!!

Felcity’s phone is still on the fritz and all the tech in the new Arrow Lair keeps going haywire. 

Clearly, Ray’s still alive and super tiny as the ATOM. And he’s trying to use tech and coding to communicate with Felicity to get help with bringing him back to size again.

Lance hasn’t gone mental! He’s not working for Darhk! 

Apparently, Darhk came along with the old bait-and-switch. He acted like he was this great guy who wanted to help the city. He offered Lance all kinds of money and resources and man-power when Lance was desperate, with a failing city, crumbling police department, and low budget. 

It wasn’t until after he was involved that he saw the dark side of Darhk and by then it was too late. Also, Darhk threatened Laurel’s life and as we all know if Captain Lance has one weakness, it is his daughters.

But, Lance realized that he can’t hide behind his daughters. Laurel can protect herself and it’s time he admit his mistake of continuing to work with Darhk and change for the better.

Hence, his fantastic monologue, said to talk down a corrupt cop who was attempting to kill Oliver.

Lance: We are not beyond redemption. We can save our home by saving ourselves first. Face up to our mistakes. Face justice.

Lance has decided to turn double agent and start working with Team Arrow!!! He’s working with the vigilantes instead of against them!! 

Maybe it will stick this time.

Hey Lance! Do you know how many seasons I’ve waited for you to take your head out of your butt, stop your silly grudge against Oliver/vigilantes, and just be friends with and co-exist with Oliver and the team?! 

Oliver is officially running for mayor!

I have to say that my favorite part of this episode was the big step forward for Oliver and Lance. 

So much great relationship development between those two!

Lance convinced Oliver to do some good out of the shadows and run for mayor. Oliver wanted to run for mayor to prove to Lance that he can make something of himself and make a difference in his city.

Oliver took Lance’s righteousness down a few pegs. Lance realized that they both are trying to do what’s best for the city and they both have made mistakes, so who is he to judge. 

Rather than hide in secret, Oliver invited Lance down to their lair and was open and honest with him. 

Lance saved Oliver’s life. 

I have a good feeling about this! I think they might actually start to become friends now! …Or at least trust each other and be civil.

Until next week, Arrowheads!

(Oh, salmon ladder. How we’ve missed you…)