"Al Sah-Him, Heir to the Demon"

Oliver has officially been initiated into The League of Assassins…

Although, I gotta say, as badass and crazy and exciting as this all is, I can’t help but think about a few episodes ago when Lance and the city turned on the Arrow and there was that little exchange between the two of them:

Lance: ‘What are you waiting for a thank you?' 
Oliver as Arrow: 'That’s not why I do this.' 

And then, Oliver subsequently turned down being Ra’s. 

He realized that he lost his way and that he started all of this in the first place to protect the people of Starling City and right the many wrongs. It is a thankless job. He will be under-appreciated. Sometimes he’ll even be attacked or misunderstood. But, he has to do it.

He realized that he could never be Ra’s nor does he want to be. Being Ra’s isn’t his destiny. Becoming Ra’s is just an escape and cop out from his problems. 

This little realization was subtle, but happened a few episodes ago. 

So, why did Oliver come so quietly, you ask?

I think Oliver has a plan in his back pocket. Like, for example, when he told Felicity that Slade got the wrong girl and that she was the one he loved, knowing Slade had put hidden cameras in the Queen mansion. And an episode or so later we found out that it was all an act to get Slade to capture Felicity and fall into Oliver’s trap. 

I think Oliver is totally playing The League (possibly with help from Maseo). He’s either gonna destroy it from the inside out, become Ra’s and disband it, or become Ra’s and then immediately stepdown and make Nyssa the new Ra’s.


If Oliver doesn’t have a plan, I think there’s gonna be a badass Dig, Felicity, Laurel, Thea, Malcolm, Nyssa, and possibly Maseo team-up to help Oliver in a crazy, plot-twist, loophole turn of events.

SIDE NOTE: Did anyone else notice how excited Malcolm was when he told Thea that he was free, now that Oliver was to become the new Ra’s?

20 bucks it was his plan all along.

Have Thea kill Sara, a League member.

Reveal to Oliver through the video that Thea unknowingly did it and that Ra’s will kill her for spilling League blood.

Oliver will obviously be her protective big brother and go fight Ra’s for her.

Ra’s duel ensues. Ra’s and Oliver at odds.

Ra’s realizes Oliver has potential and makes him the new Ra’s.

Malcolm is out from under Ra’s thumb. He’s free. And Oliver, as the new League head, won’t kill him for Tommy and Thea’s sake.

I think Malcolm is a clever-enough and evil-enough mastermind to have plotted the whole thing, knowing it would result in this outcome. 

Plus, we never did get a reason as to why Malcolm had Thea kill Sara…This would make sense.

I wouldn’t put it past the bastard to kill a person in order to set the ball in motion on a plan that fulfills his selfish goals. Always lookin’ out for number one, aren’t you, Malcolm?