Agent Carter: 'Valedictorian' Season One Finale Live Blog

The Captain America radio drama feels…

Howard’s back! He’s so entertaining. I just love his character!

I love how, even though 20-some-odd guns are drawn on him, Howard Stark just has his hands in his pockets and is casually mocking the SSR’s security system.

Howard: “Where’s my stuff?” Did this remind anyone of Tony in The Avengers:

Howard’s finally back and now he’s kidnapped?!

Howard hitting on everything that moves, including psychotic Dottie? Like father like son…

Howard’s greatest regret is the death of Captain Steve Rogers…

Howard was hypnotized to threaten the lives of thousands of New Yorkers with a plane full of poisonous, psyche-warping gas. I know they don’t shoot down Howard’s plane because Howard goes on to live a longer life, make more scientific discoveries, marry, and have Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. It’s canon. But, this scene is still so intense.

Agent Sousa: “Was he saying something?” BAHAHAHA…He used ear plugs! Genius!

Noooooo! Peggy on the radio convincing Howard to land the plane safely without harming anyone has too many Captain America-downing-the-plane-in-the-Arctic parallels. Peggy already lost her love. She can’t lose one of her best friends, too!

Howard: “We can save Cap, Peggy….He was the one thing I’ve done that has brought good into this world.”

Jarvis looked so horrified and awkward when Howard hugged him… 

Peggy finally got the recognition she deserves with that standing ovation in the office.

Thompson, just when I really started to like you, you go and take the credit for Peggy’s work.

Peggy: “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

Sousa wanted to stand up for Pegs and then he asked her out. Sousa and Peggy sittin’ in a tree…

Angie’s reaction to her and Peggy’s new digs that Howard gave them was hysterical!

Peggy on Howard’s apartment: “I appreciate the finer things, Jarvis. I just don’t appreciate the things that have happened in or on the finer things.”

Jarvis gave Peggy the last vial of Steve’s blood…

"Bye, my darling."

ZOLA?!?! Dr. Fennhoff and Zola teaming up?! Discussing mind control? *cough*Winter Soldier storyline*cough* 

Dottie still on the loose? Possible future, Russian, KGB, early-Black Widow-training storyline?

Such great cliffhangers for new plots and story-lines to explore in, oh I don’t know, a Season 2!?! *WINK WINK* *NUDGE NUDGE*

Pretty Please With Cherries On Top!!! 

I need a Season 2 of Agent Carter like Steve needs a dance with Peggy!!!

#RenewAgentCarter #PetitionForAgentCarterSeason2