My VMAs Blog

Jessie J and Ariana Grande KILLING it! Ariana is SO amazing live!

Awkward Nicki Minaj performance and wardrobe malfunction. I’m sorry, but can everyone just stop with the twerking. I thought that was just a phase last year.

Gwen Stefani presenting and looking good…still got it!

Katy Perry won!

Jay Pharoah…hilarious! Is he the host?

Adam Levine in the audience. You looking sexy and f-ione, man.

Taylor Swift shook and shimmed onto the pop scene.  The whole performance had a 1920s Gatsby-ish vibe. Loved the classy glittery, flapper outfit and suited-up gentleman. The fireworks were cool too. Plus that joke about how she wasn’t going to jump down and would take the stairs was really funny! “People getting bit by snakes. This show is so dangerous!”

If I had one lyric to describe Chelsea Handler presenting it would be: 

Ed Sheeran won! Woop!

Jay Pharoah doing his Jay Z impression….YEESSS.

Ariana Grande won for best video! She even beat Iggy’s Clueless-inspired video. I mean, Yay Ariana! But, I have to say I would have expected Iggy to win because the award was about the video and not the music. 

Sam Smith performing. So beautiful live. I love artists that can truly sing live!

Jay Pharoah’s egotistical Kanye impression. “I’m the artist to watch! My music videos cure ALS. I don’t need to do the ice bucket challenge.” HYSTERICAL…I’m crying!!!

Usher performance…good! I like the funkier, horns quality to this song. Anyone else think it sounds MJ-ish?

Is Nicki Minaj in EVERY song nowadays?!…

Commercial break…My brother and I feeling old because we are talking about the show logistics instead of gossiping about the artists…
B: “Man, I love the graphics they are using. I wanna know how they designed those.”
Me: “Dang, those fireworks Usher used were crazy! There’s so much smoke. I hope they have a good ventilation system.”

Lincoln park was nominated. You’re still alive?!

Lorde WON!!

COMMERCIAL BREAK WITH BADASS ANTI-SMOKING COMMERCIALS. Calling out celebs for being unpaid tobacco sponsors because they are smoking…That was so great!! 

Eliminate smoking! Don’t do drugs kids!!!

Ok, this is my first experience listening to 5 Seconds of Summer. I kept hearing of them and, honestly, from this performance, I’m not impressed.
The song they’re playing sounds like they stole ‘Hey There Delilah.’ Their sound: One Direction-esque copycat. And the lead singer sounds like he’s trying to be Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

Sam Smith should’ve won New Artist!

Robin Williams tribute? I love and dearly miss him, but that was a rather strange placement in the middle of the show. He wasn’t even a music artist. Save tributes for the Emmys and Oscars.

JLo just said “mixtapes.” Not only is that a very old sounding sentence, but 20 bucks the younger generations of the world don’t know what mixtapes are…
Shout out to my fellow 90s kids!


Iggy performing. I’m just not a fan of her…Sorry not sorry.

Ewwww…Jason Derulo and Demi Lovato don’t plug your tours while introducing the next musical guest. Tacky.

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine…FLAWLESS AS ALWAYS.

Miley won for Video of the Year with Wrecking Ball. Could’ve guessed that… 
Miley said earlier on the red carpet: “It’s not about the twerking, it’s about the music.” And now she’s promoting charity in her acceptance speech?!
Ahhh, the difference a year makes.

What is with these “Vine star” and “Instagram star” nobodies that they keep promoting in the commercials? You make 6 second videos and take Instagram photos…You’re not famous!

What is with this younger generation?! No talent and aspiring to nothing but being a “famous celeb.” Ugh.

Jimmy Fallon with the Hug Cam, High-Five Cam, and Pay the Person Next To Me Five Dollars Cam…That was Awesome! 

Beyoncé’s Vangard performance…
Honestly, after hyping it up all this time, I wasn’t impressed. Mostly breathy talking. A lot of flashy lights and smoke. And more of the same old, same old…fans blowing on her while she gyrates. Yawn. Boring.

I also didn’t like it because she mostly performed new stuff and I wasn’t in love with her newest album. The lyrics from it aren’t that great and she needs to learn to be a little more humble… *coughBitchesBowDowncough*

And I’m sorry, but the whole “feminism”-quote was totally overidden by the over-sexualization of women in that performance and the lyrics to her songs in general.

Also, the rest of Destiny’s Child was there tonight. Why not acknowledge her roots and invite them to sing with her like JT did last year with NSYNC?

Meh. Not as good as JT’s Vanguard performance.

Although, the “Hold Onto Me”-Blue Ivy-tribute was very cute!! And she brought Blue Ivy up on stage. Who is Adorable. 

But, all I kept thinking was how that peck with Jay-Z wasn’t very friendly and lasted a few seconds. I wonder if the focus on Blue Ivy is a publicity thing because divorce rumors have been flying. Time will tell.

THE END! Until next year VMAs…