Don’t let go. I’m not ready.
Yes, you are.

I honestly was sobbing when Sheriff Forbes passed away tonight on TVD.

Which is silly because it’s a fictional TV show with fictional characters. 

But, I think it just reminded me of all the times I’ve lost those that I love, especially to something as unfair as cancer. 

And how horrific and atrocious, and often unexpected, it is. 

And how you can be so pre-occupied with making sure they are OK and taking care of others, that you can forget to be present in those last precious moments. 

And how, in those final minutes, you’re trying to hold on to any happy, good memory to keep yourself from falling apart. 

And how sometimes you can’t remember the very last words you spoke to one another. 

And how sometimes you don’t get to say goodbye or hold their hand as they take that last breath.

And how there never seems be enough time left.

And how much it hurts.

Beautifully done, TVD.