2015 New Year's Resolutions FOR EVERYONE...INTERNET EDITION

1)  Let’s make this the year we eliminate excessive hashtag-ing. #resolutions #2015 #why #do #you #hashtag #every #single #word #whydopeopledothis #stop

2)  Grammar:

  • Your and You’re
  • It’s and Its
  • They’re, Their, and There
  • Affect and Effect
  • Then and Than
  • Me, I, and Myself
  • Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve = Could have, Would have, Should have (not “of”)
  • Compliment/Complement
  • Fewer/Less
  • Who, Which and That
  • Anyone vs. Any one, Everyone vs. Every one…etc.
  • "Literally"

Know the proper usage and the rules. If you’re going to say something, come correct.

3)  Stop saying #blessed. 

4)  Stop using emojis in place of words.

5)  Bae, Ily, Yolo………….No.

6)  Throwbacks and old photos are fun, but stop re-sharing old statuses (*cough*TimeHop*cough*). You’re just re-bragging. Try a little humility. 

7)  Stop calling your girlfriends your “bitches.” Not only does it sound stupid, but you’re completely disregarding what Ms. Norbury taught us all: “You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores.”

8)  Stop ranting and trolling in comment sections. Especially if you are not knowledgeable or well-versed in the subject. 

If you have not thoroughly exhausted yourself researching BOTH sides to an argument, then you have no right to speak on the topic. Think before you act. Come up with a rational argument that is civil and thought-out…one that progresses debate, communication and the free flow of information.

And, in general, we should all stop reading comment sections, as well. Comment sections just make everyone unnecessarily angry and negative.

9)  Stop complaining and being so melodramatic on social media. You’re just doing it to get attention. 

And for that matter, you are not deep when you post unrelated philosophical quotes or lyrics from an especially emo or angsty song as a caption to a photo. Stop.

10)  Stop spreading hate, stereotypes and prejudice.

We are all human beings who deserve respect…No matter our race, gender, sexuality, class…etc. 

Just because one person’s opinion is different than yours, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. You don’t have to silence others or tear them down in order to prove yourself right. Everyone can be right. 

Cursing out someone online and spewing hate doesn’t make you strong, important, or a “social justice warrior,” it just makes you mean and a coward.

Instead go for a calm, well-mannered debate or offer constructive criticism. 

Make The Internet A Better Place In 2015!