It’s crazy to see how the loss of Tony has affected Peter.

If you think about him in Civil War, Homecoming, and Infinity War, he was always so wide-eyed and eager and ready to fight. He took risks, he leaped before he looked, he made mistakes. He jumped into the fight in Civil War with very little experience. Even when he faltered in the face of Vulture under a pile of rubble, he got back up again. He made himself a stowaway on the space donut in Infinity War to help Tony. He has always tried to prove himself and do what is right. When we happen upon him for the first time in Civil War, he says “When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.“ 

Now in Far from Home he seems reserved. Almost timid and afraid.

So much grief weighing on his shoulders. And probably survivor’s guilt considering one of the last things he says to Tony before he dies was ‘I’m sorry.’ Why did Mr. Stark sacrifice himself for me? Why am I free from the soul stone and now he’s gone? Why couldn’t I save him?

The kid who once neglected school responsibilities and having fun with friends for his duties as Spider-Man wants to put down the spider suit for the summer and leave his neighborhood unprotected. The kid who wanted nothing more than to be an Avenger tells Nick Fury that he’s not ready. There’s got to be someone else. I’m not the right guy for the job.