So cool! The Cincinnati Visitors Bureau and 365Cincinnati are both going to feature my photography from the Cincinnati Art Museum ‘No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man’ exhibit on their social media and websites! And I won the Cincinnati Visitors Bureau 2019 'Summer in Cincy’ Photography Contest Sweepstakes!

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most biologically-diverse places on Planet Earth. Over 19,000 species have been documented in the park and scientists believe an additional 80,000-100,000 species may live there.

And the work to preserve and protect is not just thanks to park rangers – this work includes YOU too! That means not littering, not feeding wildlife, recycling your trash, not idling your car when you stop for a photo, and a whole lot more.

Take a sec to appreciate the amazing world around you and think about what all YOU can do to help keep it a little cleaner and a little greener.

Excited as I am to see the dynamic between Mysterio and Peter Parker, since it has been described as a “cool uncle” and “cool older brother” type of relationship, don’t think for one second I’m letting my guard down with Mysterio.

He’s a villain. Always has been. I know this is just leading to a greater fall.

Peter is still grieving the loss of Tony and, as much as I know he loves Aunt May, he is reaching and searching for a father figure. When we meet Peter, he’s already lost his dad and his uncle…And then Tony comes into the picture and he become’s that father figure and mentor for Peter. Tony knows his Spider-Man secret. Tony rescued him and got him out of binds, supported and encouraged him, geeked out with him about science nerd stuff.

As we see from the FFH trailer, Peter is deeply affected by Tony’s death and taking it hard. He went from the kid wanting to protect everyone no matter the sacrifice to saying that he wants to put down the suit for a little while and that he’s not ready and not the right person to help stop the Elementals.

So here he is, in a weakened emotional state, and in comes this cool guy, Mysterio. And he believes him to be good because he’s Fury-approved and he can talk science with Peter and give him advice and talk to him about girls and be his friend and mentor.

Peter will be blinded and let his guard down. Peter will divulge more and more secrets about himself to Mysterio, giving Mysterio more and more ways to later manipulate Peter and hurt the people Peter loves. Using Peter’s unstable emotional state after the trauma of dying and being trapped in the soul stone and the grief over the death of Tony, you can bet Mysterio will play mind games with him and ultimately pull the rug out from under him.

I feel like Mysterio will be Peter Parker’s Obadiah Stane and we are in for one heck of a betrayal when all is revealed.

It’s crazy to see how the loss of Tony has affected Peter.

If you think about him in Civil War, Homecoming, and Infinity War, he was always so wide-eyed and eager and ready to fight. He took risks, he leaped before he looked, he made mistakes. He jumped into the fight in Civil War with very little experience. Even when he faltered in the face of Vulture under a pile of rubble, he got back up again. He made himself a stowaway on the space donut in Infinity War to help Tony. He has always tried to prove himself and do what is right. When we happen upon him for the first time in Civil War, he says “When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.“ 

Now in Far from Home he seems reserved. Almost timid and afraid.

So much grief weighing on his shoulders. And probably survivor’s guilt considering one of the last things he says to Tony before he dies was ‘I’m sorry.’ Why did Mr. Stark sacrifice himself for me? Why am I free from the soul stone and now he’s gone? Why couldn’t I save him?

The kid who once neglected school responsibilities and having fun with friends for his duties as Spider-Man wants to put down the spider suit for the summer and leave his neighborhood unprotected. The kid who wanted nothing more than to be an Avenger tells Nick Fury that he’s not ready. There’s got to be someone else. I’m not the right guy for the job.