International Women's Day

How can we all create social and political change for women all over the world and take action on #InternationalWomensDay? And not just for one day, but every day? 

Protect equal rights. Ensure all women have access to education. End child marriages. Stop human and sex trafficking. Build a more inclusive society.


Volunteer for animal charities and wildlife organizations. Support ivory bans. Fight against trophy hunting. Produce zero trash. Recycle. Utilize sustainable products and eat sustainably. Do something every day to help protect wildlife.

Guys, who wore it better? 😂


“Hamilton, but make it fashion.” - Tyra Banks, probably

- - -

I finally got to see Hamilton onstage and it was beyond amazing! 

I jam to soundtrack all the time and already had all the lyrics memorized, like the obsessed musical nerd that I am. And now I finally saw it live onstage! 

Getting to see the story play out and gaining context to all of the songs I love so much. The incredible weaving of the history of the nation with the personal histories of the founding fathers. The stunning choreography. Hamilton vs. Burr. The impressive voice of Washington. The hilarity and laughs for Jefferson and Madison…and King George! The shed tears from the amazing emotional performances from Eliza. The beautiful and fabulous relationship of the Schuyler sisters! 

Such a powerful and phenomenal production. 

All the applause and standing ovations to Lin-Manuel Miranda. History certainly has its eyes on you, sir.