Copywriting for Imbue by Jena Russo

In 2013, Jena Russo started her own wedding gown shop, Imbue by J Russo, here in Cincinnati, where she designed unique, custom, bridal gowns for her customers. Jena's mission was to have a "fresh look at modern bridal wear" and the collection included "color, multicultural inspiration, and unique details." Her gorgeous gowns were even featured in Cincinnati's Red, White, and Pink charity fashion show hosted by Cincy Chic on The Purple People Bridge. Since then, Imbue has transformed into a wedding jewelry and accessories business. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to watch her shop grow since its inception. Jena and I went to the University of Cincinnati together and we became fast friends. In 2013, I captured her UC School of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning senior thesis project through photography and a video documentary. When she asked for assistance and advice in designing her website, creating an advertising campaign, and writing a script for her Fall 2014 Look Book, I simply couldn't resist helping my friend with her flourishing local business in its beginning stages.

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University of Cincinnati English Department Ad Campaign

In Spring 2014, created a new advertising campaign for my client, the University of Cincinnati English Department. The department was attempting to reach more students and convince parents of the value of English degrees in the 21st century. I developed a three-fold campaign (utilizing my research and my own photography) creating: posters, to target students on campus tours and to be sent to local high schools; a department brochure, to be given as a take-away in orientations and presentations; and a blog website, to allow for one-on-one interactions between the faculty and the incoming/current English majors complete with comment sections, student and teacher highlights, news, and events calendars. After giving my pitch to Dr. Romagnoli, the head of the department, and her colleagues, I was congratulated on my concise, informational, fun, and modern-21st-century approach toward encouraging the student population to get excited about and join the English program.

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Irish Heritage Center St. Patrick's Day Poster Advertisement

Weeks before St. Patrick's Day 2014, the Cincinnati's Irish Heritage Center was looking for someone to create their poster advertisements for their St. Patrick's Day festivities. They wanted to capture the true Irish culture and spirit within the ads, as opposed to the inaccurate cliches of the holiday; such as, green shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold. Each of the designed posters submitted, including my own, were utilized throughout the city of Cincinnati for the promotion of the center's weekend events.


'The University of Cincinnati William C. Boyce Award' Advertisement




The William C. Boyce Award is given during the end of year awards ceremony hosted by the University of Cincinnati’s English and Comparative Literature Department. UC professors are nominated and chosen to receive an award by their students.

My partner and I designed a poster advertisement for the Boyce Award, in competition with other designs.

All of the posters entered had to utilize design principles and create an advertisement that could be displayed on campus informing students of nominating their favorite professors for the William C. Boyce Teaching Award. 


After making a formal presentation to the Boyce Committee, our design was chosen as the winner.

It was utilized in the Spring 2013 advertising campaign for the Boyce Award and displayed throughout the UC campus.


NIOSH Brochure

This is a brochure I created in 2012 for my client, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (NIOSH is a branch of the CDC)


Levi's® Jeans 'Seek Greatness' Advertisement

For my Promotional Writing class, we were allowed to choose a specific brand to learn how to develop large-scale advertising campaigns. We then created ad posters that paralleled the brands values/purposes and that were a continuation of the real-life campaign we had studied. I picked the well-known Go Forth™ (Pioneers! O Pioneers) Levi's® campaign. I then created a poster advertisement called 'Seek Greatness' as an extension of Levi's® Go Forth™.  In Go Forth™, Levi's® sought to inspire a new generation to create change and embrace the "new frontier."  With my Seek Greatness campaign, I am urging young people to explore and make a difference across the globe, while also trying to seek greatness, intelligence, and achievement in everything they do. While the Go Forth campaign had a more rural demographic, my campaign is aimed for youth living in city and urban environments. The image used as the poster's background is mine own photo of New York City from the top of the Empire State building. I then wrote a mock press release for the campaign as if I was working for Levi's®.

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WEBN Radio Promotion Commercial Sample

This is a radio advertisement I created for my Integrated Media Productions class.  It is meant to mirror a commercial one might hear on 102.7 WEBN advertising the annual Labor Day festival and Rozzi's fireworks display in downtown Cincinnati.

Coca Cola Advertising: Visual Rhetoric, Design and Branding

Independent Study Semester Project

During my senior year of college, I decided to take an Independent Study. For my project, I conducted a semester-long study which traces the development of the Coca-Cola brand as evidenced through print advertising and the company’s online presence, with an additional focus on iconic Coca-Cola TV advertisements.

Though this study, I came to a better understanding of the way branding and advertisements persuade the public audience.  I narrowed my center of attention from broad “visual rhetoric” topics by focusing on the international brand Coca-Cola, its history of print, TV, and web media, and how it has developed over time.

The theoretical lenses through which I explored the brand included cultural semiotics, infographics, global advertising imagery, visual arguments, information design on websites, Aristotle’s rhetoric, color/white space/typeface, branding, and page design. 

I produced a bibliography of my readings as my research, but initially I began my study with John Fanning's The Importance of Being Branded (2006) together with Maggie MacNab’s Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication (2008).

In the end, I produced a written research paper, and a complementing, visual display presentation.  This new course of study allowed me to build on the knowledge that I acquired in a prior Visual Rhetoric & Advertising course I took, along with the research I do in the field of psychology for my minor.

"The Visual Rhetoric, Design and Branding of Coca-Cola" Research Paper


"The Visual Rhetoric, Design, and Branding of Coca-Cola"

Visual Presentation